March 29, 2020


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1.  Below, I’ve shared a few of my resources. Review these before our call. This will help you get familiar with me, my style, my skill set and my personality.

2.  If you have a business partner, have them review the materials with you, or alternatively get them to join us for the call.  It’s the best use of everybody’s time if they are able to join on the call.

3.  You should also review what past clients say about me.  You can find examples at the bottom of this page.

Review these materials before our call:

Interview with Growth Moves Podcast Host Rob Tyson

Ruth shares tips and advice to grow your sales from exhibiting at tradeshows.

Interview with Will Barron on The Salesman Podcast

Discover Ruth's easy follow-up system to dramatically increase your sales close rate (most salespeople don't do this).

Article: Why You Need a Tradeshow System

Your tradeshow strategy is something you should develop and fine tune so that it becomes a high converting, high ROI revenue-generator for your business.

Client Success Stories

Sebastien Garneau, President

"Ruth quickly and efficiently understood our specific needs in marketing and sales. With Ruth’s knowledge, experience and contacts, she developed an excellent and agreed plan of action from which we received regular updates and feedback. We will have no hesitation in continuing using her services.”

2020-03-27 (2)
Leslie Lawrence, Director of Sales, National Event Management

“Ruth presented to our exhibitors on the topic of best exhibitor practices. She also conducted marketing audits of exhibitors’ booths. She provided training that exhibitors could immediately apply in their booths at the Franchise Expo. Exhibitors who applied her techniques commented that they noticed a marked improvement in the conversations they were having with visitors and the quality of leads they generated.”